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Project Of Installation Of ‘Monitored Pulse Electrict Elephent Fence’ In Sri Lanka

As per the guidelines given by the wild life Department in Sri Lanka


Human- Elephant Conflicts have been recorded many years ago. But of recent times, there have been a signification increase. It has been decided. By the authorities and villagers that the best option now is to install a Monitored Pulse Electric Elephant Fence to deter the wild elephants from encroaching into human habitat, paddy fields and cultivations especially in remote villages.

Present Elephant Fence which we are using in Sri Lanka wooden and concrete poles. That fence is not success because Elephants are use to break it. Therefore we observed and our experiment then we found the Rubber pole is the best solution. It can’t break elephants because whole fence is flexible.  

It must be observed that the encroachment of wild elephants have resulted in the dead of hundreds of elephants and the elephant fence will prevent harm to the elephants and protect the humans too. It will also have the added benefit of eliminating other animals away from cultivation.

Project Description

The main project has been designed by giving due consideration to the needs of the areas involved. The commissioning will involve the use of reputed, latest equipment of tested quality, durable material that will last for a long period of time and will a have a monitoring and alarm system to ensure a 100 percent state of operation.

Blocks of ten kilometers fence will be installed independently to achieve the goals and will be installed with a focused detail of the goal in mind.

The Electric Fence sill thus consist of