Call to Share and Care Fund

About Us

Call to Share and Care fund was established in the year 2015 by a small group of individuals inspired to start a movement and make a lasting change to protect and conserve natural heritage, forest, and wildlife wealth with the vision of creating an improved environment to the present and future descendants of Sri Lanka.

Our vision

A country where nature and human beings live together harmoniously.

Our Mission

To advocate for wildlife conservation through community engagement recognizing the importance of engaging the people in protecting the wildlife while supporting sustainable development using holistic and multidisciplinary approach specifically promote and approach In the human elephant conflict of our Country while addressing all ecosystem issues that sustain co-existence of elephant human and ecosystem.




Chief execative director/director project

Former job, Resident Director Reiyukai Lanka Association. Research officer Irrigation Department, Oil refinery Offshore Abu Dhabi. Fertilizer Manufacture Corporation Sri Lanka.

Villages in far off Sri Lanka, today are walk in areas for wild elephants.
These wild elephants do more than mere take a stroll, they smash trees, houses, vegetable and fruit cultivations and then take a close look at sleeping villagers and their children at the break of dawn.
This is a nightly situation in all these villages. Many attribute this situation to the fact that villages have encroached into elephant territory and not vice versa.
The nightly and daily attacks on main roads, by-lanes and when elephants make their way to cultivated land in search of their main meals and snacks. Elephants are constantly hungry and the humongous amount of food they ingest makes their search for food almost eternal.
When these elephants walk into villages, their sharp, intelligent minds know that villagers stock up food. The elephants seldom ring a bell, not because there is no electricity, and hence no bells to ring, but the fact that they believe in just walking into houses through the walls.
Thus villagers live in terror – day and night – frightened for their lives that these pachyderm will walk into their houses, slam them on the ground and worse, be enraged by the sounds of screaming women and children.
An enraged elephant cannot be consoled, cannot be controlled.
As humans have encroached into the lands of the wild, there will always be the argument that the encroachers are the humans. But as homes have been set up, men, women and children continue to live in the jungle, continue to cultivate food, the conflict is an everlasting one.
This situation cannot be changed, and the blame is not on the wild elephant. Elephants are just not the only animals with this lust for wandering. Wild boars, wild cows, jungle cats, and animals as small as porcupines, rabbits and big birds wander into the villages.
The small animals do not cause as much damage during their visits, but elephant visits leave behind a trail of destruction.
Humans remain helpless during this encroachment, due to size, strength and behaviour.
Much publicity has been given to these visits, without a suggestion or effort to stop them.
Thus the search is for a solution that will help both the elephants and the humans.
If this trend continues, and the hostility towards elephants continue to build there will be no elephants in the future.
Thus these animals remain threatened as hundreds of villagers live in fear of these animals and continue to view them as a threat.
Our aim is to solve this situation – to manage it in a way by giving considering the well being of humans and elephants alike.
We thus wish to create food and water for elephants in their habitat.
Create a ‘bio fence’ as a long term solution.
Erecting a high tension electricity fence in accordance with prevailing standards, by using latest technology which is unbreakable and beyond the bio fence. This will make it difficult for elephants to go into villages.
The bio fence will be more practical in five years and will be made in a zig zag manner which will hinder the advancement of elephants.
This project will utilise the above methodology and financial support for this venture will be continuous and will not be abandoned once begun.
This move will help the local community to participate and contribute energy, effort and continue to make a living out of it.
This is a great problem that is faced by villagers in Sri Lanka and this move will help solve the issues of elephants coming into their homes. Latest technology and appropriate methodology, utilising local available manpower, with support of local population.
Thus, the elephants will be protected and saved, and villagers will be able to live in peace.
The main aim of this organisation is to bring about a lasting solution and protect and save both elephants and humans.
Our organisation also has many plans to launch Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, support water projects and support and assist projects carried out by the government.
We have plans to join with government authorities to carry out cultivation in the jungle to achieve a high yield and help to sell these products as well.